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C63 Removal1

Mercedes C63 AMG – Full Wrap REMOVAL

My mom taught me that sometimes people make mistakes. And it’s OK to make mistakes….as long as you learn from them.

Well, this customer brought us a beautiful Mercedes C63 AMG for a full wrap REMOVAL. He had his vehicle wrapped at a competitor and brought it to us for the removal. Why? Well, not because we are so handsome. Because he learned the hard way that not everyone is as great as they say they are.

Let’s be honest here. We found the wrap to be quite inferior. Cheap material, poor craftsmanship and to top it off? Our competitor wet-sanded the mirrors to get the film to apply!!! Guess what? This customer needs new mirrors now.

At Long Island Paint Protection, we do not work like that. Your car is our car. There is a reason we place all of our work on our web site. We want everyone to see what we do and how we do it. We don’t cut corners and we sure as heck won’t wet sand your mirrors.

The worst part about this wrap? This customer priced out the job months ago and we were only slightly higher than the competitor he went to. And guess what? Now he will spend even more money getting the mirrors fixed. The bottom line is you get what you pay for. Be smart, shop around but look at work, not just price.

Back to this beautiful C63 AMG. We removed the matte white film, performed a full detail and even removed a couple of dents with paintless dent removal. This car is finally beautiful again.

Mercedes E63 AMG PPF_3

Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon FULL Paint Protection

We love giving cars the FULL Paint Protection Treatment. Especially, when they are putting down over 500HP!!!! Don’t let this wagon fool you, it doesn’t belong to a soccer mom. It moves! And to protect the paint from all those foot stomping, high speed tire squealing horsepower, the owner decided to give it the FULL Paint Protection coverage. We wrapped the entire hood, both complete fenders and the front bumper. This car is now safe from rock chips, road debris and small animals not moving fast enough out of its way.

All work done on premises in Great Neck Long Island by The Tint Shop Inc / Long Island Paint Protection. We have been in the industry for over 25 years, why go anywhere else?

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