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Snap-On Toolbox

Custom Snap-On Toolbox created by Long Island Paint Protection – “The Harley Davidson Edition”

We’ve wrapped cars, boats and helicopters.  Well then, why not toolboxes?   Check out our custom Harley Davidson edition Snap-On toolbox.  Tools not included.

Audi S5 Side Blade

Audi S5 Side Blade Install – Custom

We love doing custom work here at Long Island Paint Protection. What sets us apart from the rest is that we have been installing film for over 20 years. Owner of Audi A5 + Wants Something Unique + Long Island Paint Pros = A Custom Side Blade Install cut freehand! Check out the before and after pics, click to enlarge. Also, please search the site for “Ghost Flames” for another custom Long Island Paint Pro freehand job. We also tinted the windows with 20% film.

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