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Range Rover Matte Black Roof

Range Rover Sport Matte Black Roof

We wrapped the roof of this brand new Range Rover sport in 3M 1080 Scotchprint Matte Black.

Check out the pic.


Porsche Matte Black Hood

Ah, the old matte black hood trick. On a Porsche no less. Check out this graphic’d out Porsche. It’s as fast as it looks. Even better, our customer wanted a matte black hood. No need to waste thousands of dollars on paint, when you can have Long Island Paint Protection / The Tint Shop Inc wrap it for you in 3M material for a fraction of the cost. Call us today for a quote for your vehicle.

mustang hood

2012 Mustang 5.0 California – Race Stripes

Our customer wanted the sleek look of matte black racing stripes on his 2012 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 California edition. We installed 3M matte black vinyl stripes which he obtained from American Muscle. If you are a Stang owner, be sure to check out American Muscle’s website – We’ve used them for tons of aftermarket performance parts for our shop Mustang.

After laying down the race stripes, we then tinted this black beauty. Another satisfied Long Island Paint Protection customer!


FULL CAR WRAP – Mercedes C63 Full 3M Matte Black Wrap

So what do you do when you own a Mercedes C63 and want your car to be matte black instead of factory black?? You bring it down to Long Island Paint Protection in Great Neck NY. Long Island Paint Protection wrapped an ENTIRE CAR in 3M Matte Black. Check out the pics below. Our customer was extremely happy when he picked it up and why not? It looks mint.
We are the Tri-State NY leader in full vehicle wraps, paint protection and window tint. Call us today at 516-829-7336.

Porsche Matte Black Stripe 2

Porsche 3M Matte Black Wrap – Hood, Roof and Tail

We love these projects at Long Island Paint Protection. A customer wanted a matte black “mohawk” for his black Porsche. We installed 3M Matte Black film on his hood, roof and tail. Check out the pics!

Bentley Matte Hood

3M Matte Black Hood and Grill – Bentley

Check out this 3M Matte Black installation on a silver Bentley. We wrapped the front grill, hood, roof and trunk for a nice two-tone look.


3M Dinoc Carbon Fiber Film and 3M Matte Black

What looks better than a Carbon Fiber roof? Check out this 3M Dinoc Carbon Fiber roof installation. For a special touch, we also wrapped the mirrors in 3M Matte Black. We can wrap anything!

Accord Matte Black

Matte Black Vinyl Hood Wrap – Honda Accord EX Coupe

Pay attention to our new shop project. A full matte black wrap on a 2011 Honda Accord EX Coupe. We’ve wrapped the hood, roof and trunk. Stay tuned as we work on this car in the coming weeks.

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