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Porsche Matte Black Hood

Ah, the old matte black hood trick. On a Porsche no less. Check out this graphic’d out Porsche. It’s as fast as it looks. Even better, our customer wanted a matte black hood. No need to waste thousands of dollars on paint, when you can have Long Island Paint Protection / The Tint Shop Inc wrap it for you in 3M material for a fraction of the cost. Call us today for a quote for your vehicle.

Gloss Roof

2009 BMW 530i Gloss Black Roof

We love that glossy black roof look, especially on a white car. Our customer brought in a 2009 BMW 530i and wanted the roof to be glossy black. With 3M film, the look is always the best. Window Tint is important too! Check out this and other fine work at Long Island Paint Protection – and The Tint Shop Inc. –

Infiniti G37 Roof Wrap

Infiniti G37 XS Roof Wrap

We wrapped this Infiniti G37 XS roof in 3M Gloss Black Metallic Film. All work done in house by The Tint Shop Inc / Long Island Paint Protection in Great Neck NY. Call us today to wrap your car. We go from mild to wild.


FULL CAR WRAP – Mercedes C63 Full 3M Matte Black Wrap

So what do you do when you own a Mercedes C63 and want your car to be matte black instead of factory black?? You bring it down to Long Island Paint Protection in Great Neck NY. Long Island Paint Protection wrapped an ENTIRE CAR in 3M Matte Black. Check out the pics below. Our customer was extremely happy when he picked it up and why not? It looks mint.
We are the Tri-State NY leader in full vehicle wraps, paint protection and window tint. Call us today at 516-829-7336.

Audi S4 Supercharged

Audi S4 Supercharged – FULL Paint Protection – Hood, Fenders, Bumper and Carbon Fiber Roof

Oh, we love these projects. Straight from the dealer to The Tint Shop / Long Island Paint Protection. What better way to protect your brand new Supercharged Audi S4 then to give it the royal treatment? For this customer, we installed a FULL Paint Protection wrap / clear bra. We wrapped the entire hood, entire front fenders, front bumper and we even threw a little carbon fiber wrap and window tint into the mix. The results? One of the nicest Audi S4 Supercharged on the road. Check out the pics below!
All work done in house at The Tint Shop / Long Island Paint Protection located in Great Neck NY. Call us today at 516-829-7336.

Jeep Unlimited

2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Clear Paint Protection

Our customer is an off-road enthusiast that wanted to protect his brand new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with paint protection. We applied 3M Paint Protection to his front grille and hood creating an invisible layer of protection. Now he can spend the day off road and not worry about scratching his Jeep! If you want to protect your new vehicle, call us – The Tint Shop Inc / Long Island Paint Protection. We are located in Great Neck NY and have been serving the Tri-State area for the last 20 years.

Porsche Matte Black Stripe 2

Porsche 3M Matte Black Wrap – Hood, Roof and Tail

We love these projects at Long Island Paint Protection. A customer wanted a matte black “mohawk” for his black Porsche. We installed 3M Matte Black film on his hood, roof and tail. Check out the pics!


BMW 1M Paint Protection – Clear Bra

A brand new 2011 Valencia Orange BMW 1M, our favorite twin turbo coupe for this year. We treated this car to a clear paint protection wrap, covering the hood, nose, fenders and bumper. There is no other way to truly protect your automobile investment. Come visit us at The Tint Shop / Long Island Paint Protection located at 325 Great Neck Rd in Great Neck NY.

Porsche Turbo

Porsche Turbo – FULL Paint Protection WRAP – FULL Hood, Fenders and Bumper

What do you do with a 185K Porsche Turbo besides drive it? Give it the royal treatment – a full paint protection wrap! We installed a FULL hood wrap, full fenders and bumper clear paint protection film. We are Long Island’s premiere paint protection and window film shop.

Cadillac CTSV2

Cadillac CTSV Full Nose Paint Protection

One of my favorite cars, the Cadillac CTSV came to Long Island Paint Protection for a full nose paint protection. We covered the full nose – bumper, fenders, hood and fenders with a clear paint protection film to protect it from getting scratches, nicks and dents from road debris.
Long Island Paint Protection aka The Tint Shop Inc has been in business serving the north shore of Long Island for over 20 years. We are located at 325 Great Neck Road in Great Neck NY.

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